About SimLink Service
SimLink - link for a day!

We all got used to share links, documents and pictures on the Internet. Although the time is flying by fast and most of our shared stuff soon becomes a old and irrelevant. The SimLink enables user to create link which is active for just one day.

In 24 hours the link will become unavailable. The SimLink will also create short URL for your shared resource.

A SimLink can be set to become public. Actively clicked SimLinks got their lifetime extended accordingly and can stay active longer then 24 hours by receiving bonus time.

Active public SimLinks can appear in the Top list after receiving enough bonus time to stand out among less active SimLinks.

Public SimLinks which reach their high positions in the Top are visible to other app users as well as they become visible on the website in Top SimLinks category.

We have an extension for the Safari browser. It makes simlink creation process super-easy. Feel free to download and install the extension. It is free of charge and huge timesaver. You will love it! Install extension