SimLink It version 2.5.1 release for iOS

Hurray!  The iOS build 2.5.1 is now available in AppStore! We've added few features and caught quite a few bugs. The public and personal links cashing in the app was drastically improved, so those things got loaded much faster. We also reworked widget for Today screen with 'most viewed' and 'last published' sections.

New features:
- We've brought public SimLinks top is available to the application.
- The public top SimLinks is language specific based on language settings of the application. Change you language in settings and boom - you will see language specific public top in the app.

Don't forget to sign up for beta testing if you are interested! Signup form (really short, in fact) is here: 

By signing up you will be put into a pool of beta testers and will receive an email with further instructions.

We hope that you will enjoy our new release!